Former pro-Orban academic: Orban never had an own programme

A former pro-Orban intellectual, university lecturer and academic Laszlo Csaba gave an interview to Hungarian news site The academic voiced harsh criticism about Fidesz’s governance.

According to Csaba Laszlo Fidesz has changed and it’s not what it used to be between 1998-2002, the first Orban government. He said that back then intellectuals used to form Fidesz’s policies. The academic said that between 2008-2013 there was a mortal fight for the soul of Fidesz. But already then Viktor Orban didn’t have a programme – “he never did” – apart from building his own power, it wasn’t known what the governing will be about.

Back then, Laszlo Csaba belonged to Fidesz’s intellectual circles who tried to help Fidesz, because they thought that the governing will come from the middle, while there will be loud people on both extremes, but they didn’t expect that a time will come when supporting a group of friends will be the central question.

According to Laszlo Csaba in 2010 Orban had a chance, but he sold it “for a pottage of lentils”. He said that until 2013 there was a – geographic, political and economic – necessity that determined in which direction the country should be going. But in 2013 the clouds were gone: EU funds started to come, but this was when Fidesz started to radically shift to the right and repeat Jobbik slogans. “Ironically for Jobbik remained the middle position”, he said.

The academic thinks that Orban and his government saw that their “pranks” didn’t cause big storms (austerity, taking away competences from the constitutional court, the new constitution and electoral law.

According to Csaba, the Hungarian economic miracle is just statistics, there’s no content behind it. But he also said that there will be no big boom in Hungarian society, because the economy produces enough to prevent starvation and the upper class always gets something, “this is the model of political capitalism”. But people are ignorant to propaganda.

Regarding the future of the country and Fidesz he said he used to find the border fence a false strategy, but so far it has worked, won the 2018 election for Orban, but won’t win the 2022 election.

Hungary is full of mounting tension – from segregation to regional difference, emigration and the non-functioning welfare systems to administration – but according to him this won’t explode on April 8 this year.

When asked about the danger of creating a Putin-like system in Hungary if Fidesz wins again, Laszlo Csaba said that for the creation of a Putin-system in Hungary there are at least three factors missing that Russia has. He said Hungary doesn’t have oil and gas which is easy to exploit and money to be stolen and taken to Switzerland. The government doesn’t have the internal security, secret service apparatus Putin has, and contrary to Russian society, Hungarian society is not closed, information is flowing.

Laszlo Csaba thinks that in 2-3 years the economic and political erosion will reach a critical point and then unexpected results will come. And when this reaches a national level then comes the change. “In a new setting, but we don’t know yet how it will look”, he added.

Hungary Journal


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