Fidesz loses a stronghold

Mayoral by-elections were held in the southern city of Hodmezovasarhely, a long-time Fidesz stronghold after the death of mayor Istvan Almasi.

With 98% of the votes counted, Peter Marki-Zay has won the majority of the votes, 57.54%. Marky-Zay is an independent candidate who was supported by all opposition parties. The candidate of the ruling Fidesz party, Zoltan Hegedus won 41.59%.

Hodmezovasarhely is a Fidesz stronghold, which hasn’t got a single left-wing mayor since the fall of socialism. Before Almasi, Hodmezovasarhely’s mayor was Janos Lazar, the Minister Heading the Prime Minister’s Office. According to observers, the result is a huge blow to Viktor Orban’s government before the April parliamentary elections.

Hungary Journal
Photo: HVG

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