“The EU takes care of migrants instead of the indigenous minorities”

Speaking at a students’ event in Gyongyos, the Special Commissioner of the Prime Minister, Katalin Szili said that the European Union takes care of migrants, instead of the European indigenous minorities.

Szili reminded that the EU has a rather strange attitude towards the issue of indigenous minorities, as new applicant countries are strictly scrutinised, but once they are members, EU institutes treat this issue as national competency. She said today 85 percent of EU citizens belong to majority societies, 10 percent to minorities and there 5 percent migrants. “But Brussels is happy to take care about this 5 percent, ignoring the 10 percent, which means 50-60 million”, Szili added.

According to the politician the Minority SafePack European citizens’ initiative can change this situation, so signing this petition is in everybody’s interest.

Hungary Journal

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