Common migration goals with Australia

A government must know who and how many people are on its country’s territory and must uphold the right to control its own borders, Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop told Hungarian public news channel M1.

Bishop stressed that despite the geographical distance, Hungary and Australia have the same views in several topics. “We share our values and maintain a business, trade, investment relationship with great potential”, she said. Bishop added that Australia wants a free trade agreement with the EU and relies on Hungary’s help. She described her meeting with the Visegrad Group foreign ministers very positive, and added that it’s important for Australia to hear the V4’s opinion on the EU. Bishop added that Australia and the Visegrad countries have many shared interests.

Julie Bishop gave an interview to pro-government daily Magyar Idok too, in which she described Australia’s migration policy and reiterated the importance of a free trade agreement.

Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI


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