Orban, the most controversial politician of European post-communism – Le Figaro

French daily Le Figaro describes Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban as the “forerunner of populism”, a “templar fighting the borderless empire of liberalism”, noting that he doesn’t seem to be democratic anymore.

According to Le Figaro, Orban is the “most controversial politician of European post-communism”. 30 years after forming his party, Fidesz – which means young democrats -, Orban seems neither young nor democratic, the author, Jean-Jacques Mével notes. He writes that Orban is fighting as a “templar” against anything bad that threatens Europe, from Brussels technocrats to George Soros and uncontrolled migration.

He stresses that Poland also backs Orban’s “anti-Brussels ambitions”, so despite the fact that Paris, Berlin, Rome and Madrid supports further EU integration, Poland and Hungary are so much against it that nobody knows how the power play will end. According to Le Figaro’s article, Orban, unlike Trump, Erdogan or Putin is no outsider, but part of the system and he doesn’t want to leave the EU.

Hungary Journal


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