V4 sign declaration on defence cooperation

Members of the Visegrad Group have demonstrated for the world that illegal migration can be halted, the head of the defence committee of the Hungarian parliament said in Budapest on Thursday.

Addressing a meeting of V4 defence committees, Szilard Nemeth said that “various organisations, political and economic forces and lobbyists” try to “push the view through the European Union and the UN” that migration is “a good thing”. Arguing that illegal migration is unstoppable, they intend to legalise it, he insisted.

Cooperation between the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia has proved since 2015 that the problem can be resolved, Nemeth said, adding that although “there are still attempts” to cross these countries illegally, statistics show that the migration pressure has plummeted.

Hungary and the Visegrad Group have shown the world “how to cooperate, help each other and stand in solidarity,” Nemeth said. Lack of solidarity is a reproach often laid at Hungary’s door, he said. Solidarity, however, should be exercised not towards migrants but towards Europe, he said.

“Our priority is to preserve peace and calm in Europe and protect its security,”

he said.

The leaders of the committees signed a joint declaration on stepping up defence cooperation. Szilard Nemeth said the V4 should focus on increasing security and stability in the region, and serving peace and prosperity. Strengthening defence cooperation is a crucial condition for that, he said. Migration and the four countries’ approach to it stood in the limelight of the session, Nemeth said. The four countries’ lawmakers agreed that migration is a harmful phenomenon and that they would make every possible effort to thwart its legalisation.

Source and photo: MTI

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