Orban wants the whole media scene – paper

Hungarian weekly Heti Valasz published a lengthy analysis of the Hungarian media market and pro-Fidesz investors Lorinc Meszaros, Andy Vajna, Heinrich Pecina and Arpad Habony.
According to their analysis, despite the massive capital injections, the new pro-government media is competitive only where it has no competition, like on the market of county newspapers. The government communication thinks that tabloid media is the future, so according to Heti Valasz’s sources, Arpad Habony will manage the new Hungarian tabloid block (TV2, Origo, Bors, Ripost, Lokal) as a kind of content development director.

The magasine adds that so far only the “annexation” took place, the “fine-tuning” comes after the April elections. An anonimous source said the government wants to convince the Germans to sell the RTL Klub tv channel and major opposition-leaning news site Index is also problematic. Former Orban-ally businessman Lajos Simicska previously told 24.hu that the prime minister already planned to buy RTL Klub in 2014, just to close it later.

Hungary Journal


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