Vona: Fidesz will collapse

From a right-wing radical niche party Jobbik has become a national people’s party which steps over the left-right wing divisions, the strongest opposition party’s chairman, Gabor Vona told Hungarian news site Index.

Vona added that Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party used to be a liberal party is turning extreme-right, while the Socialist MSZP used to be a pro-Moscow, communist party but now it’s a pro-Brussels social democratic party. He stressed that Jobbik’s change is genuine, and those who question their credibility can only list examples from the period before the process of becoming a people’s party.

The chairman underlined that Jobbik’s strategy is clear: the party rejects migration and the quota system but doesn’t pursue a Fidesz-like propaganda.

“Fidesz doesn’t want to solve the problem of migration. For them, it’s a political tool, but for us, it’s a task to be solved. But the construction of the border fence and the rejection of the quotas was never a question for us,”

Vona said. He heavily criticised Fidesz for “lying” and spending tens of billions on “primitive propaganda”. According to the Jobbik lawmaker, asylum seekers should be hosted in countries close to their homeland and culture. He thinks that the debate about changing the international asylum rules is legitimate.

Regarding the “Stop Soros” package Vona said his party doesn’t support “waging a war on NGOs”, but thinks it’s legitimate to expect transparency from these organisations. But in general, he thinks the “Stop Soros” is not about actual issues, but only about the campaign.

When asked about Jobbik’s chances in the elections, Vona said he expects a “surprise” because Fidesz can soon collapse.

Speaking of the European Parliament, Vona said Jobbik MEPs are independent because in 2014 there was no political group Jobbik would belong to, but it will most probably change in 2019.

Hungary Journal

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