Parliament expresses solidarity with Poland

The European Commission is employing double standards against Poland, a country Hungary is morally obliged to show solidarity, a Christian Democrat (KDNP) lawmaker told a press conference on Tuesday. The Hungarian government supported the proposal.

Gergely Gaal spoke after the parliamentary debate of a draft resolution submitted by ruling Fidesz and KDNP. The proposal calls on the Hungarian government to stand by Poland during the Article 7 procedure launched by the European Commission.

The EC started the procedure in 2017, saying that Polish reforms severely restricted the freedom of the judiciary and threatened the rule of law. Gaal said that similar laws to the contested ones had been implemented by other member states without similar scrutiny, and he insisted that Poland was being subjected to a political attack. “European values are not imperiled by Poland but by supporters of such procedures,” he said.

The real reason for the controversy is Poland’s reluctance to accept illegal migrants, Gaal insisted. The supporters of illegal migration in Brussels are trying to put pressure on those that oppose it, he said. “Hungarians and Poles have to stand up for the values of a Christian Europe … and stand by one another,” Gaal said.

In the parliamentary debate, Jobbik lawmaker Marton Gyongyosi said the strongest opposition party doesn’t support the proposal. He said it’s an end in itself, only seeks conflict and ignores the reasons of the procedure. Jobbik lawmaker Istvan Szavay reiterated that his party doesn’t want to support the Polish government in this case, stressing that the procedure is not againt the Polish people, but the undemocratic policies of their government.

The ruling Fidesz party’s speaker, Richard Horcsik said it’s the basic duty of the parliament to support the proposal in solidarity with Poland. State secretary Levente Magyar accused the opposition of “betrayal”, and said Poland must be protected because Poland has been attacked.

MSZP speaker Attila Mesterhazy said the proposal is not about protecting Christianity, but about the government’s intention to have an ally in the EU.

With 114 yes and 3 no votes, the parliament passed the resolution to express its support for Poland in connection with a recent procedure against that country under Article 7 of the EU Treaty.

According to the resolution, the European Commission’s launching the procedure over Poland’s judicial reform is “unacceptable” and “Article 7 must not be used for political witch-hunt”. The Hungarian parliament sees the procedure against Poland as a “dangerous precedent” when the Commission has stretched its authority as “guardian of agreements as outlined in the foundation deeds of the community”, the document said.     In its resolution, parliament also called on the Hungarian government to stand by Poland and refrain from supporting any proposal that would curb that country’s rights.

Poland’s ruling Law and Justice party (PiS) welcomed the resolution, saying that it guaranteed that the EU would not be able to impose sanctions on the country. “I am very pleased to hear about the Hungarian parliament’s resolution because it clearly indicates that any sanctions against Poland are out of the question,” PiS spokeswoman Beata Mazurek told Polish news agency PAP.

Polish parliamentary speaker Marek Kuchcinski also welcomed the resolution, saying in a Twitter post that it calls on the Hungarian government not to back any EU proposal that would “restrict Poland’s ability to exercises its fundamental rights stemming from its EU membership”.

Source: MTI/Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI


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