Fidesz hits back at critical NGOs

255 international and national NGOs signed a letter expressing their “grave concern over the shrinking space for civil society in Hungary” on Monday.

According to the NGOs the “Stop Soros” legislative package – of which the parliamentary debate started on Tuesday – would “further restrict Hungarian civil society ability to carry out their work”. “These come in a context of already shrinking space for civil society in Hungary and contravene Hungary’s obligations under international law to protect the right to freedom of association, expression and movement”, they added. The full letter and the list of supporters can be found here.

The “network” associated with US financier George Soros has launched a “full-on attack” against Hungary, ruling Fidesz said, in its reaction to the protest. According to Fidesz, “Hungary and its government are the greatest obstacles to the implementation of the Soros Plan”. In its statement, Fidesz said that “a number” of the signatories to the protest were financed by Soros to “promote and organise migration”. The “sole purpose” of the draft, they insisted, was to “firmly stand up to any activity organising, supporting, or sponsoring migration”.

Source: MTI, Hungary Journal



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