Asselborn: I don’t hate Hungary

Hungarian daily Magyar Nemzet conducted a phone interview with Luxembourg’s foreign minister Jean Asselborn, after his Hungarian counterpart Peter Szijjarto called him an “idiot” who “hates Hungary”.

In an interview with Der Tagesspiegel earlier, Asselborn heavily criticised Hungary’s “Stop Soros” legislative package and urged the European Commission to trigger the Article 7 procedure against Hungary.

“I don’t hate Hungary, Peter Szijjarto or Viktor Orban. This case is not about individuals, but basic principles, values, laws and respect for human dignity in every EU member state. We can’t accept the punishment of NGOs that help asylum seekers. These methods only exist in authoritarian regimes which are unworthy of the democratic European Union”,

Asselborn said.

The foreign minister said he has never met George Soros and he has no idea what the “Soros Plan” is, even though he was accused of following it. Considering migration, he said it should be regulated, but in case of asylum seekers fleeing wars, we can’t speak about limits. He added that all refugees are migrant, but not all migrants are refugees.

Asselborn said he can’t understand the mentality of the Hungarian government. “Hungarians have to understand that if they have a government that continues like this, then Hungary’s EU membership is at stake”, he stressed. According to Asselborn, he’s been Luxembourg’s foreign minister for 14 years, but he has never faced a situation when the EU has to protect its own principles.

Hungary Journal


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