Szijjarto: Asselborn hates Hungary

Jean Asselborn, the foreign minister of Luxembourg, “hates Hungary”, the Hungarian foreign minister said on Monday.

In a statement, Peter Szijjarto called Asselborn a “pro-migration politician” and insisted that his counterpart was “playing the music of George Soros”. “They would flood Europe with migrants; they are extreme liberals with unacceptable views,” Szijjarto went on to say.

Earlier in the day, Asselborn voiced protest against the Hungarian government’s “Stop Soros” draft package in the online publication of Der Tagesspiegel, and called for activation of the EU Treaty’s Article 7 against the country.

“Jean Asselborn is an idiot, but the Hungarians are not; the people of Hungary have no need of the Luxembourgian Foreign Minister’s crazy ideas to know what’s good for them”,

he stated.

Source: MTI/
Photo: MTI


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