Orban invited Wilders for lunch

It was Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who invited Geert Wilders for lunch during his visit to Hungary – at least according to an op-ed by the PVV chairman in Voolkskrant. The article was spotted by Hungarian news site Zoom.

The news site reminds that it has been no secret that Orban met Wilders when he was presenting his book in Hungarian towns in January, as the Dutch politician tweeted a photo of their handshake and Orban’s press chief also said that they had met for an informal lunch.

It wasn’t clear until now who initiated the meeting, but in his article Wilders claims it was Orban who invited him for lunch.

Wilders told Dutch daily De Telegraaf he was very happy to meet Orban, with whom they fight together against Islamisation, to preserve the European culture. “Orban said Hungary is not a Muslim country, but a Christian country, and he wants it remain like that,” Wilders said. He told Hungary’s prime minister that millions of Europeans agree with him.

Hungary Journal

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