Fidesz launches campaign

What’s at stake at the parliamentary elections of 2018 is whether Hungary can remain Hungarian or it becomes an immigrant country, ruling Fidesz’s communications director said on Monday announcing the launch of his party’s campaign under the slogan “Hungary Comes First”.

Several tens of thousands of Fidesz activists are setting off from Monday to collect the signatures required by individual candidates to run for parliamentary seats in the April 8 general election. Leaflets will be distributed in mailboxes, prospective supporters contacted by telephone and email and Fidesz will also appear on adverts in public spaces, Balazs Hidveghi said.

Fidesz will make every possible effort to prevent the implementation of the “Soros Plan” and the forced settlement of migrants, he added.

Asked about press reports suggesting that Hungarian NGOs have asked the OSCE in an open letter to send observers to monitor the election, Hidveghi said that all the organisations involved represent the interests of US financier George Soros and only attack the government because they want the “Soros Plan” implemented in Hungary. Still, the elections will be democratic, so all observers will be welcome, he added.

Source: MTI
Photo: Youtube

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