“Sweden should learn from Hungary”

Swedish lawmaker Kent Ekeroth praised the Hungarian government’s efforts to stop illegal immigration and push back the influence of George Soros’s NGO network.

The Sweden Democrats’ politician held a speech in defence of the Hungarian government on Wednesday in the Swedish parliament. He said Hungary is the symbol of common sense, the protection of their own people and culture, and the protection of Europe’s borders. Ekeroth called Swedish left-liberal politicians hypocrites for worrying about the possible intervention of certain countries into the Swedish or US elections, but cheering for George Soros when he intervenes in the Hungarian elections.

Ekeroth heavily criticised Swedish left-liberal parties and said their policies are responsible for the terrorist attacks and crime in Sweden. “You have blood on your hands”, he said.

The politician told Hungarian daily Magyar Hirlap that migration is the greatest threat to Sweden and Western Europe, and there are minor “civil wars” in certain areas of Sweden. He said the country needs “zero immigration”, only those should be accepted who have qualifications Sweden needs. He proposed the reduction of state subsidies to foreigners and stressed that the Swedish society should stop adapting to the demands of immigrants.

Hungary Journal


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