Szijjarto: Roth is wrong

Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto on Friday dismissed concerns raised by Michael Roth, Germany’s minister of state for European affairs, and said that “Europe’s freedom rights do not apply to illegal migrants, let alone terrorists”.

Roth suggested in a statement on Thursday that the Hungarian government’s “Stop Soros” package could “make the work of civil-society organisations looking after refugees and asylum-seekers more difficult or perhaps even impossible”.

Szijjarto said that Roth was “wrong” and insisted that the German minister was “notoriously pro-immigration” who “himself had sought to bring immigrants to Europe in cooperation with Soros agencies”.

Szijjarto insisted that the Hungarian government’s position was unchanged: “the country’s borders must be protected; the security of Hungarian people is of vital importance.” The government will “not let Hungary become a migrant destination”, he said, adding that “Stop Soros” was of paramount importance for national security.

Parlt to start next cycle with ‘Stop Soros’ vote

Parliament could vote on the ruling parties’ “Stop Soros” bill in the first session of the new parliamentary cycle, Janos Halasz, spokesman for the Fidesz parliamentary group, said on Friday. Certain parts of the bill require a two-thirds majority to pass, which the ruling Fidesz-Christian Democrat alliance does not currently have, Halasz told public Kossuth Radio. And the opposition “cannot be counted on” because “those people will do anything for money and power,” he added. Halasz said the Left had already voiced its disagreement with the bill.

Commenting on the Fidesz group’s decision to keep Hungary in the talks on the United Nations’ migrant package, Halasz said: “We mustn’t give up the fight, not even when it is about the UN.” “We will have a lot of allies in the battle against the draft package that echoes the Soros Plan,” the spokesman said.

Source and photo: MTI



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