Orban: Christian culture must be preserved

Christian culture is a treasure and it needs to be preserved, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Friday at the conference of Centrist Democrat International (CDI), an international political group dedicated to the promotion of Christian Democrat values.

CDI is an organisation of Christian origin which considers human dignity the basis of politics, Orban told a press conference. This is important because the search for identity is in the centre of political debate everywhere in the world, especially in Europe where migration has further intensified the issue, he added.

The meeting in Budapest decided to set up the youth arm of CDI, parties from the Caucasus moved closer to the organisation, new members were accepted from Latin America and central Europe and the majority of Hungarian parties from the region joined as members, Orban said.

The CDI meeting in Budapest is expected to give significant impetus to the growth of the organisation, as well as central European integration, with special regard to the Western Balkans. The aim is to integrate parties from as many countries as possible and “decisions regarding this were made today”, he said.

CDI Secretary General Antonio Lopez-Isturiz, an MEP from Spain, said all member organisations of CDI fully stand by Orban and the ruling Fidesz party at the upcoming general elections in Hungary.

Orban holds talks with Venezuelan and Spanish politicians

The prime minister held talks with Antonio Ledezma, the head of the opposition in Venezuela, in Budapest on Friday. The parties voiced their concerns over the situation in Venezuela. Orban assured Ledezma of Hungary’s support for Venezuela’s pro-democracy activists, irrespective of their political-ideological leanings.

Orban also met with former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar. Parties at the talks discussed current issues in the European Union and agreed that the community needs strong member states and leaders to thrive and to preserve its identity. The two politicians also discussed domestic affairs of their countries.

Source and photo: MTI




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