Orban: They want to hunt us down

Foreign economic and political interest groups led by George Soros would like to see a weak Hungarian government in place that can be blackmailed, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Wednesday.

Due to crisis management after 2010 and efforts to put energy service providers, some banks and a part of the German-owned media under national control, the government ceased to be exposed to blackmail, Orban said at a meeting of ruling Fidesz and KDNP party lawmakers in Visegrad, in northern Hungary, on Wednesday evening. “No country can be independent in the absence of a national media. Nor can it be independent, if it can be blackmailed by financial means,” Orban said, as quoted by national daily Magyar Idok.

For this reason, the stake of the forthcoming general election in April is whether Hungary will have an independent government or one that can be blackmailed. The latter would give up national independence and let Hungary be transformed into a migrant country, he said.

Quoting a foreign statesman, Orban said that hopelessness generates hatred. He added that the opposition is expected to launch a hate campaign in the 50 days to come. “This is their only message. . The want to hunt down all of us because we stand in the way of those who want to turn Hungary into a migrant country and Europe into a migrant continent,” he said. Orban said that there is “a smear-campaign being waged from abroad against the governing parties, with the help of international organisations and newspapers”. They are being paid by “interest groups” that expect “a pay-off” if “they manage to achieve” that there is a government change in Hungary, the prime minister said. “Foreign energy companies want to get the profits back they had lost because of the utility price cuts and banks want to off-set the losses they accumulated on the banking tax”, he said.

“In addition, the international political left is working to force migrants onto us with the help of Soros and Brussels, which ought to happen rather soon, already this summer, as it has been by accident revealed by the Belgian prime minister,” he added. “But we are not alone”, Orban insisted, noting the formation of the Visegrad Group he described as a strong alliance of central European countries.

“We are on a common footing with our neighbours, Serbia and Romania, as well and we have allies in Vienna, too”, said Orban, adding that in the German state of Bavaria a government firmly committed to Christian values had been formed. In addition to this, the governments of leading powers, in Washington, Beijing and Moscow, consider Hungary a friend, Orban said.

‘We must protect our Christian culture’

It is important for Hungarians to protect their Christian culture, the prime minister said in an interview published by the local daily Veszpremi 7 Nap on Thursday. “We must protect the culture in which all Hungarians feel at home; and this is called, no matter whether someone is religious or not, Christian culture”, Viktor Orban told the paper.

Commenting on the United Nations’ recent migration plan, Orban said migration is a mass movement of people that poses danger. Hungary’s position is that migration must be quelled instead of being supported and this must be championed not only at European forums, but at the UN’s level as well, he added. Orban reiterated the government position that help must be provided to those in need in the country where they live.

Orban said cooperation of the Visegrad Group Hungary forms with the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia is unprecedentedly strong. He said that within the EU each of these countries have to strongly speak up for their national interests and then there will obviously be “a fight, a fierce debate”. “We are at the moment engaged in a debate, and this is good news, since it allows us to fight for our national interests,” Orban said.

Source and photo: MTI

2 thoughts on “Orban: They want to hunt us down

  1. Having grown up in Canada, I can vouch for Chinese immigrants…hardworking, try to adapt, respect their neighbors… so there are good migrants too who help to build up a country and respect their neighbors.

    But of course, noone in their right mind would wants a group of religious fanatics who wants to force their views upon others, and even think that violence against people who have different beliefs is ok.
    Also, religious minorities in islamic countries, such as Christians, are very disadvantaged and are persecuted in their countries of origin. They should be welcomed, and helped to migrate.

    However, all the young moslem men who are not a group that is disadvantaged or discriminated in their home countries should not be accepted as migrants, as long as Christians, women, other religious minorities etc face much so much discrimination and persecution.


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