Fidesz spox: ‘Soros man’ CoE commissioner mounts attack on ‘Stop Soros’ bill

The group leader of ruling Fidesz said on Thursday that “a confidante” of US billionaire George Soros “has mounted an attack” against the Hungarian government’s new migration-related bill.

Janos Halasz responded to Council of Europe’s human rights commissioner Nils Muiznieks stating concern about the just submitted “Stop Soros” bill that covers the conditions by which migration support organisations may operate and a tax on donations made to those NGOs among other measures.

In his statement Muiznieks said that, if passed by parliament, the regulations will introduce “further arbitrary restrictions to the indispensable work of human rights NGOs and defenders in Hungary”.

He stated concern that civil organisations failing to meet requirements set in the law could be subject to sanctions, including a fine and ultimately dissolution.

The commissioner raised further concern over the proposal posing a risk that “arbitrary restrictions may be applied on the freedom of movement of persons involved in refugee assistance at the border”. “These proposed measures raise particular concerns because of the likelihood that they will be applied to organisations and individuals who carry out activities in the field of protecting the human rights of immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees that should be fully legitimate in a democratic society,” he said. Muiznieks also expressed concern over the Hungarian government’s portrayal of migrants and migrant support NGOs as “a national security threat” calling on the government to refrain from penalising, stigmatising and restricting the work of these NGO-s and human rights defenders.

Halasz said the commissioner has attacked the bill because it could effectively halt migration, which works against the so-called Soros Plan aimed at settling millions of migrants from Africa and the Middle East in Europe including Hungary.

The Hungarian government will not allow that, he said.

Ruling parties support the “Stop Soros” package

The ruling Fidesz and Christian Democrat parties have voted unanimous support for the “Stop Soros” bill, Fidesz group leader Gergely Gulyas said after a joint recess of the two parties’ parliamentary groups in Visegrad in northern Hungary.

Parliamentary debate on the bill can start next week, with a decision expected after the April 8 election, Gulyas said. The ruling parties do not command the votes to pass parts of the package requiring a two-third majority, Gulyas said. These are the passages affecting the law on national security, he said. “International attacks” are also mounting against the legislation, he said, with the leftist opposition being mostly “pro-migration” and Jobbik “has flip-flopped” over the issue. The ruling parties therefore “turn to the electorate”, and the parliament is to decide on the proposal after the election, he said.

Source and photo: MTI

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