Ruling parties stand by ‘Stop Soros’ bill

The ruling parties stand by the “Stop Soros” bill and will submit it to parliament before the spring session, Bence Tuzson, state secretary for government communications, said on Sunday.

Migration has to be stopped, and the organisations supporting or organising it need to be reined in, Tuzson told a news conference. The NGOs working to have the proposal withdrawn are “typical Soros-backed organisations”, Tuzson said, naming the “Menedek” (“Refuge”) Association for Helping Migrants, the Hungarian Helsinki Committee and Transparency International as examples. These groups “are constantly attacking” the government’s migration policy, the border protection authorities and the police officers working there, he said. Tuzson said the NGOs in question wanted to see the border fence demolished and have Hungary’s tightened asylum laws repealed.

In an interview to public radio, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said last month that under the “Stop Soros” law, “pseudo-civil groups managing illegal migration” would be required to submit special reports to the authorities and their finances would be “scrutinised under a magnifying glass.” They will pay a 25 percent tax on “funds used to support migration” including funds from the European Union. People “affected” will be banned from border zones including Budapest’s international airport, while foreign nationals could be banned from the country, Orban said.

Source and photo: MTI


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