Kaczynski and Orban: Ideologist and technocrat

Orban is a technocrat and Kaczynski is proud, but both make use of the fact that their voters care more about stability and social security than the rule of law, freedom or independent judiciary – professor of the Princeton University, Tomasz Koncewicz told Hungarian weekly HVG.

According to the Polish professor, Poland’s ruling PiS party learns from Fidesz: they are occupying the state step by step, institution by institution; when there’s a protest, they make a step back only to wait for the suitable moment to come back with reforms even more brutal than the previous ones.

Comparing Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban and PiS Chairman Jaroslaw Kaczinsky, Koncewicz said:

“Contrary to Orban, Kaczynski is an ideologist. If he thinks that Poland is treated badly by faceless Brusselite bureaucrats, he’ll say the country has no place in the EU. Orban is a technocrat. Kaczynski thinks Poland’s pride is priceless. Orban made his best friend one of the richest Hungarians. Kaczynski has a cat”.

Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI

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