Corbyn: Orban must be defeated

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn greeted the congress of Hungarian Socialists (MSZP) in a video message on Saturday.

Corbyn apologised for not being able to accept the Hungarin invitation and be present at the event. He stressed that he’s aware what is at stake at the Hungarian parliamentary elections in April. Corbyn said his Hungarian partners know well that right-wing policies don’t “only weaken democracy, but allow intolerance and racism to take a root”.

He said Socialists should represent policies throughout Europe which lead to a society in which “nobody has to sleep on the street, no child has to starve and everybody is treated equally”. Corbyn urged the Hungarian Socialists to fight against the emerging extreme right, adding that by this he was referring primarily to the ruling Fidesz party.

“Viktor Orban’s policy must be defeated”, Corbyn said, adding that he hopes MSZP will be able to cooperate with other parties to outseat Fidesz.

Hungary Journal
Photo: Getty Images

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