“Stop Soros” on the way, despite NGO criticism

According to the State Secretary for Government Communication the “Stop Soros” legislative package can be reinforced or tightened, but it certainly won’t be weakened.

Bence Tuzson told public news channel M1 on Friday that the public consultation about the legislative package is still ongoing, and the government hopes that more people will tell their opinion because that makes the package better. He added that the feedback will be assessed next week and presented to the government. They plan to submit it to the parliament before the spring session.

According to its statement on Friday, the Hungarian Helsinki Committee also shared its position with the government regarding the draft bill. “According to the human rights NGO the regulation under preparation is unacceptable and only serves constitutionally indefensible political objectives, includes pointless regulations, and as such the organization categorically rejects it. On the same note the Helsinki Committee expects the government to withdraw the bill”, the statement reads. “The manipulative language of the draft bill does, step by step, reveal its true purpose. The government wants to arbitrarily label, malign and separate from society certain NGOs it dislikes and, eventually, to force them cease their operations”, it adds.

Hungary Journal

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