MFA: Ukraine media is lying

Hungary and Ukraine have not reached an agreement on the latter’s controversial education law, Tamas Menczer, deputy state secretary of the foreign ministry, said on Thursday. Ukraine has yet to comply with the recommendations of the Venice Commission, he said.

According to new reports published in the Ukrainian press, Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has come to an agreement with its Hungarian partner with relation to the Education Act. “The reports published by the Ukrainian media are a lie, the situation is exactly the opposite”, the deputy state secretary stated.

“The standpoint of the Hungarian Government remains unchanged and is rock solid: Ukraine cannot begin the implementation of the Education Act until it has come to an agreement with national minorities on the issue, including with the Hungarian national minority”, Menczer underlined.

“Budapest will continue to block Ukraine’s international political aspirations until Transcarpathian Hungarian minorities report that they are satisfied with all details of the law,” he said.  “That is still a long way off”, Menczer added.

His statement came after Ukrainian reports of an alleged agreement between the two foreign ministries on the law, which last September restricted minority language use in education to kindergarten and elementary schools.

Source: MTI/


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