Fidesz boycotts the national security committee’s meeting

Lawmakers of allied ruling Fidesz and Christian Democrats announced that they would stay away from the Thursday meeting of parliament’s national security committee convened for the second time by the body’s head to discuss issues concerning the so-called Soros Plan on migration. The meeting lacked a quorum.

The ruling parties will not “allow the opposition to use even the national security to promote the implementation of the Soros Plan in a time when Hungary is exposed to huge pressure to let in migrants and dismantle the border fence,” the press department of the Fidesz parliamentary group said. “Soros’s representatives are already sitting in the committee,” it added. The statement was referring to Bernadett Szel, the green opposition LMP’s party’s co-chairman, whom Fidesz accuses of being a “Soros agent”.

“Fidesz finds it outrageous, that Szel wants to see the documents based on which the government claims that the Soros Plan exists and that the so-called Soros network is dangerous”, Hungarian news site Index noted.

At the meeting on Thursday, Szel said what Fidesz wrote is not true. She said it’s not true that the secret services rejected her claim to see the documents, because it is the national security committee which can claim these documents and its members are allowed to see them. As the ruling party’s politicians constitute the majority of the committee, by blocking the activities of the committee, they make it impossible for its members to see the documents, she pointed out.

She asked Chairman Zsolt Molnar, of the opposition Socialists to ise his influence to stop this situation. Szel stressed that all members of the committee are allowed to attend its meetings, they’ve all been screened, and by its latest actions Fidesz is “writing Hungary out of democracy”.

Due to the absence of the Fidesz-KDNP lawmakers, the meeting lacked a quorum.

At a press conference after the meeting, she said these events are against Hungary’s international interests as well. Szel called it unacceptable that abusing their powers, the ruling parties keep thwarting the committee’s work. “This will ultimately compromise the country’s security, and the operation of the secret services and civilian control over them,” she told reporters. Jobbik lawmaker Adam Mirkoczki said Fidesz is blocking the meetings to avoid inconvenient questions about their migration policy and a corruption case which concerns his family. Molnar told reporters that the ruling parties’ absence indicated their “unease” over being present and demonstrated that their “Soros Plan” concept had collapsed. He said that from now on he would reconvene the committee every second week.

Szilard Nemeth, the committee’s deputy chairman for Fidesz accused Szel of having attempted to obtain classified information about the “Soros Plan” from the Constitution Protection Office in order to leak it to the public by abusing her committee membership. He called Szel’s act “another evidence” that she is “in Soros’s pocket”. Nemeth said that although invited, George Soros had not yet attended any meeting of the committee, adding that “his people are already sitting in that body”. Szel has already reacted to this accusation.

Molnar convened the body for the same purpose by January 25 but its members representing the two ruling parties staged a walk-out in protest against the presence of Bernadett Szel, co-leader of green opposition LMP and a member of the committee. As a consequence, the meeting lacked a quorum. Nemeth confirmed afterwards his party’s position that Szel, who is also LMP’s candidate for prime minister, was not welcome at the meeting because she and her party served the interests of US financier George Soros.

A few days later Molnar told reporters that Prime Minister Viktor Orban had again been invited to attend the meeting to provide evidence on the existence of the “Soros Plan” and clarify the issue of Hungary’s admission of 1,300 refugees last year.

Source: MTI/Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI

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