Orban: Hungary first

Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in a video message posted to his Facebook page on Tuesday: “We cannot give in to extortion. For us, Hungary is first. We will fight those who want to change the Christian identity of Hungary and Europe.”

Orban noted that the national board of the ruling Fidesz party yesterday discussed a comment by the Belgian prime minister that central European countries would have to accept migrants. Charles Michel said European heads of government and state in June would decide European policy on migration by a qualified majority at a summit held in June. He said an ultimatum would be issued to Videgrad Group countries that chose to “reject solidarity”.

The Hungarian government rejects Charles Michel’s “ultimatum” on migration, Minister of Foreign Affairs Peter Szijjarto said on Tuesday, in reaction to Michel, who said in an interview with Belgian news site Le Soir on Saturday that Visegrad countries that “refuse to act in solidarity [with the rest of the EU] are being given an ultimatum”. Unless they come to a consensus on the matter at the European Council heads of government by June this year, the debate will be decided by a simple majority, Michel said.

Hungary has never been a country of immigrants; neither does it intend to become one, Szijjarto told a press conference in Bratislava, where he met Slovak foreign affairs state secretary Ivan Korcok. Michel’s“ultimatum” is “coercion”, and Hungary will never yield to it, he said. Michel’s statement is “shocking” because it is the first occasion when Brussels openly prepares for pushing through the migration quotas, “with complete disregard of certain EU countries’ opinions”, Szijjarto said. “We find this unacceptable and refuse it,” he said. The Visegrad group is concerned by the “27 terrorist attacks perpetrated by people with migration backgrounds in Europe recently and the no-go zones in certain European cities, even if the Belgian prime minister is not concerned by them,” he said.

Source and photo: MTI

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