Magyar: Realistic chance of normalising Hungarian-Ukrainian relations

A “significant step” has been taken towards “restoring a friendly cooperation” between Hungary and Ukraine, the Hungarian foreign ministry’s state secretary said after meeting Vasil Bodnar, deputy foreign minister of Ukraine, in Ungvar  (Uzhhorod) on Wednesday.

Parties at the talks reviewed issues around Ukraine’s education law, cross-border cooperation, and infrastructure along the common border.

After the talks, Magyar said he saw “the first realistic chance to normalise Hungary-Ukraine ties”. He quoted his negotiating partner as saying that “despite the education law, which burdens bilateral relations, no changes shall be made in Ukraine’s education without consent from representatives of minority groups”. He added that representatives of Ukraine Hungarians would start talks with that country’s education minister on February 14. He also voiced hopes of an early agreement.

Magyar said he saw “a serious chance to leave behind a difficult period” and to continue a “very progressive” cooperation with Ukraine.

Concerning projects under that cooperation, Magyar mentioned two motorway links to Ukraine to be built in the next few years, launching new railway services between the two countries and opening new border crossing facilities to make traffic across the border faster.

Source: MTI


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