Fragile agreement with Austria

Well-known Austrian political analyst Peter Filzmaier discussed Austrian politics in a lengthy interview with Hungarian news site Mandiner.
Regarding Austria’s relations with the Visegrad Group countries, Filzmaier said joining the cooperation is the FPÖ’s policy, the ÖVP – led by Chancellor Sebastian Kurz – tries to position the country as bridge between the two sides of the EU.

Speaking of migration policy, he said that it’s possible that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Sebastian Kurz agree on migration this much only because currently – contrary to 2015 – there aren’t ten thousands of migrants in Hungary whom Orban would gladly transfer to Austria. Filzmaier said he didn’t wish to evaluate Orban’s migration policy as he doesn’t speak Hungarian so he can’t read original sources.

He added that the border fence is certainly not a joint European solution, or something that makes the situation of refugees better.

Hungary Journal
Photo: Mandiner

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