Close cooperation with Liechtenstein

Hungary and Liechtenstein work closely together on many issues in several international organisations, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said after talks with his Liechtenstein counterpart, Aurelia Frick, in Budapest on Wednesday, noting their partnership in a group set up to reform the United Nations and their work to enhance the mandate of the International Criminal Court that punishes crimes against humanity.

The two countries also support working out an accountability mechanism in the Syrian conflict which reflects Hungary’s position that the solution to the migrant crisis lies in eliminating its causes, Szijjarto told a press conference after the meeting.

Both also believe that economic competitiveness is best served if nation states retain their right to set and levy taxes, he said.

Frick thanked Hungary for supporting Liechtenstein’s initiatives in the UN. She said that Liechtenstein shares many interests with Hungary even though it is not a European Union member. Both are also greatly affected by such important issues as Brexit, she added.

Asked to comment on the UN’s recently released draft concept on migration, Szijjarto said Hungary was studying it, but it appeared that complaints raised by several members states in response to the UN Secretary-General’s initial comments had been listened to, since “a certain degree of backtracking” was evident in the text. He added that a decision could be expected next week on whether or not Hungary would take part in consultations on the draft.

Source and photo: MTI


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