Wilders: Hungary protects its heritage

In an op-ed for Breitbart London, Dutch politician Geert Wilders speaks highly of Hungary’s government.

The Dutch Party of Freedom’s (PVV) chairman recently presented the Hungarian translation of his book, marked for Death in several cities including Budapest and gave a number of interviews. “In Central Europe, people do not hesitate to speak out to express their attachment to their own national identity, rooted in the Judeo-Christian principles of Western civilization. They also make it quite clear that they are willing to defend their heritage”, he stressed, when recalling his experiences. Wilders also met Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban for an informal lunch.

“In Hungary and Central Europe in general, one can talk much more freely about Islam than in Western Europe. There, people realize much more about what is at stake. Hungary even built a border fence to stop the flow of immigrants from predominantly Islamic countries. Viktor Orban is on his own doing much more for the safety and security of the entire European continent than German Chancellor Merkel, French President Macron, British Prime Minister May, my own Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and all the other Westeuropean leaders combined,”

he wrote, adding that Orban “does not want to repeat the mistake that Western Europe has made by opening its doors to Islamic mass immigration”.

“The more our elites criticize countries such as Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic, the more we should support them and follow their example”, Wilders warned.

Hungary Journal



One thought on “Wilders: Hungary protects its heritage

  1. God bless you Mr.Wilders!
    I stood up for you several times in Canada when on television they were saying horrible things about you.
    You are nothing but a patriot who loves and protects his nation the same way my Victor Orban does.
    I am a HUngarian living in Canada for nearly a half a century.
    I can see what multiculti can do to europian civilisation – I never let that happen in MY HUNGARY!


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