Parliament soon to vote about the Stop Soros package

The government’s “Stop Soros” legislative package will be proposed to the parliament in two weeks, Hungarian daily Magyar Idok reported.
According to the newspaper’s information the proposal is currently being prepared. Bence Tuzson, the state secretary for government communication said on Sunday that according to the answers they received in the public debate of the package, there were people who wanted the package to be even stricter.

For example, some said that NGOs who receive significant foreign funding, should pay more than 25 % in taxes. Other answers suggested pro-migration NGOs to be listed as foreign agents and to require them to have their accounts at Hungarian banks only.

Speaking to public news channel M1 in January, the parliamentary state secretary of the Ministry of Justice explained that the requirement for organisations assisting illegal migration to register in the event of the passage of the Stop Soros legislative package serves enhanced transparency. Pal Völner said that the monetary transactions of the mentioned organisations will also have to be recorded on separate accounts, and as a kind of monitoring mechanism, banks will be required to report these to the National Bank of Hungary. If they fail to meet this obligation, in addition to the National Bank the prosecution service will also be notified and may take action before a court of law, he said.

If they register, the funds they receive will not be taken away from them, but will be subject to a 25 per cent duty payment obligation. According to the bill, the proceeds of this duty can only be used for border guarding purposes as the European Union “fails to provide grants for this purpose for some reason” in Hungary’s case, he said.

The parliamentary state secretary said the third element of the legislative package is about restraining orders: individuals who are engaged in activities which promote and support migration can be banned from within an area of 8 kilometres of the Schengen border as part of an immigration procedure, while in justified cases foreign individuals can be expelled from the territory of the country.

Source: Hungary Journal/


One thought on “Parliament soon to vote about the Stop Soros package

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