Lazar: difference between Hungary, EC views on budget ‘not irreconcilable’

There are no “irreconcilable differences” between the goals of the Hungarian government and the position of the European Commission concerning the community’s budget, the Hungarian government office chief said on Friday, adding that it was necessary to continue Europe’s cohesion policy.

Lazar spoke following talks between representatives of the Visegrad countries and four other EU members, as well as Gunther Oettinger, EU commissioner for the community’s budget and human resources, in Budapest.

Concerning the community budget after 2020, Lazar said his government wants to see one in which Hungary is a “net contributor”.

Participants in the talks agreed that contributions may need to be raised, and did not exclude the possibility that they may increase their payments in proportion to their GNI by 1.1 percentage point in future.

Oettinger said that participants had agreed on most issues concerning the budget. He added that the EU must not give up its common goals because of Brexit.

Source and photo: MTI

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