Debate about the govt’s migration policy

According to Government Spokesperson Zoltan Kovacs, if it weren’t for the fence, Hungary would be experiencing the same as it did in 2015: illegal migrants would be arriving in their thousands.

On Hungarian M1 television’s Thursday evening current affairs programme, the spokesperson was asked with relation to the fact that during their joint press conference minister heading the Prime Minister’s Office Janos Lazar told reporters that he has asked the minister of interior to make the recordings registered by thermal cameras along the border barrier public. Reporting on his on-site experiences, the minister said: Illegal immigrants are attempting to cut through the border security fence using cold chisels every 2-3 hours on a daily basis.

“The police must examine whether it would contravene any principles of data protection or the right to privacy if the government were to occasionally show people what is happening on the Hungarian-Serbian border, which is one of the external borders of the European Union”,

Kovacs said.

“The challenge that border guards and police patrolling the border are facing has become more distant compared to 2015, so ‘let all the world see’ what is happening there overnight”,

he said.

“Migration pressure and the number of attempts to illegally cross the border is not decreasing; if it weren’t for the fence, Hungary would be experiencing the same as it did in 2015, meaning not just ‘a dozen or perhaps a hundred’ people-a-day would be attempting to cross the border, but they would be trying continuously, illegal migrants would be arriving in their thousands”,

he added.

Jobbik wants Prime Minister Viktor Orban to stop hiding behind untrue poster and phone campaigns, and explain the paople why he’s been pursuing pro-migration policies for the last three years, Jobbik spokesman Peter Jakab told a press conference on Friday. Jakab said he doesn’t know who is organising migration, “Soros or someone else”, but he’s sure it’s “Viktor Orban, who is executing it”. Jobbik’s spokesman reiterated that the government has been misleading the people while pursuing pro-migration policies.

Source: Journal

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