Hungarian election campaign raging on Facebook too

Social media sites are also targeted by the election campaign. Wednesday early morning thousands of foreign, fake profiles started to follow the Facebook page of Jobbik’s chairman and prime ministerial candidate Gabor Vona in a coordinated attack, the strongest opposition party announced.

During the attack, in a short time the politician’s page gained thousands of new foreign followers, all of them fake Eastern Asian profiles. The page would have reached 500.000 followers in a few hours. The manipulation attack was averted by Jobbik’s experts, the fake profiles are being removed from the page.

According to Jobbik the attack was aimed at defaming the party. The investigation of the incident is in progress, and one private individual already made a report which reached the Prosecutor’s Office.

They don’t know yet who is behind the attack, but according to Jobbik’s suspicion the ruling Fidesz party is responsible. In the statement on Wednesday, they reminded that on the previous day the “first deployment of Fidesz’s paid troll army took place, and it’s most probably will not be the last one”.

Jobbik’s and Gabor Vona’s Facebook pages are among the biggest ones in Hungary. It’s a very important platform for the opposition party to keep in touch with Hungarian voters.

Before the organised manipulation, during the recent weeks several expert analyses showed that Jobbik’s social media activity is the best in Hungarian politics.

“We can expect such attacks during the increasingly unscrupulous government campaigning, but we hope Hungarian people are seeing more and more clearly what despicable methods the government is using to defame the only force capable of replacing it”, Jobbik wrote in a statement.

The ruling party hasn’t reacted to the accusations.

Hungary Journal

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