Szijjarto: Hungary to quit UN talks if draft stays ‘pro-migration’

Hungary will start proceedings to quit talks in the United Nations on the UN’s migration package unless “there is a positive shift, towards Hungary’s position”, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto told a press conference in Budapest on Wednesday. 

The government has instructed the foreign minister to review the first draft of the package, to be published on February 5, and start the procedure to quit the talks if the document is “as pro-migration” as the 2016 declaration and the UN secretary-general’s recent statement which served as its basis, Szijjarto said.

The minister insisted that the package is scheduled to be adopted at the end of this year, and the inter-governmental negotiations have not even started but the secretary-general “has already announced the result”. Szijjarto also insisted that the “plan” of US financier George Soros concerning migration did exist “as a clear concept” and “there seems a parallel” with the UN chief’s recent statement.

Last week, Szijjarto said that UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres referred to migration as an opportunity for strengthening economies, reducing social disparities and linking various societies. The minister said the statement raised problems of legitimacy precisely because the global organisation was currently addressing directives that would be used to manage migration later on. Szijjarto said the situation was grave because the declaration would be political and adopted by the UN General Assembly. It would include, for example, that countries should not criminalise illegal border-crossing and they should loosen immigration rules, he added. Further, the UN would, in the relevant document, declare that countries that are far away from migration routes should also accept asylum seekers. It would also emphasise the positive role of NGOs.

Last Sunday, Fidesz spokesman Imre Puskas said the ruling parties ask the government to reject the UN migration package. He told a news conference that if the UN adopted the package, migration would be given the green light around the world, and these migrant-friendly proposals would be forced on countries through international law.

Source and photo: MTI


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