Govt portrays Vienna as hell but follows its practice

An open migration service center has been opened last October in central Budapest, operated by the Budapest local council and IOM, based on experiences of Vienna, Linz and Salzburg, Hungarian daily Magyar Nemzet reported on Wednesday.

News site recalled the following headlines from the public or pro-government media: Vienna can’t handle the rejected migrants; This is how migration has changed Vienna’s population; Austrians had enough, they want to stop resettlement of migrants; Santa Claus banned in a Viennese school; Migrant family of nine raped a Viennese woman; Red alert in Vienna because of the migrants.

The center is open until June 30. Officials of the Immigration and Asylum Office (BAH), the council and IOM attended a study trip to Austria last year and established the service center based on those experiences. Budapest Mayor Istvan Tarlos told the newspaper the council discusses the integration action plan this spring.

Magyar Nemzet pointed out that the local council failed to inform the public that the service center follows Viennese examples, pointing out that Hungarian pro-government media has been portraying Vienna as a bad example since the beginning of the migration crisis., which belongs to the state media, had a lengthy report last November, writing that every second citizen of Vienna has immigrant background, while pro-government 888 website and tabloids Ripost and Lokal extensively reported about a migrant attacking a sunbathing woman, migrants who wanted to explode a bomb in the metro, migrant gangs harassing people near the Westbahnhof.

Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI

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