Magyar Nemzet: Orban govt partner in pro-migrant programmes

While Viktor Orban travelled to Vienna to meet Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, the Hungarian parliament is holding an extraordinary session where Orban was invited too.

The session was initiated by the strongest opposition party, Jobbik, with the support of the parliamentary opposition, to question Orban. In the past weeks, Undersecretary Kristof Altusz told a Maltese newspaper that the Hungarian government secretly let in 1300 migrants. The opposition demands answers because the government’s campaign – which cost several billions – has been promoting zero tolerance towards migration.

The Fidesz-led parliament could have chosen another date for the extraordinary session, but according to the opposition the prime minister wants to escape the inconvenient questions. According to the latest information of Hungarian daily Magyar Nemzet, there can be even more of these questions.

A “national resettlement programme” was running recently in Hungary, a company won 80.3 HUF to organise it, Magyar Nemzet learnt out from a website (, which belongs to the Ministry of Interior.

UNHCR spokesman Erno Simon told Magyar Nemzet: the resettlement programme was completely state-organised, the refugees were received at the airport by the officials of the Immigration and Asylum Office (BAH). In the framework of the coordinated programme people have been resettled from countries which already gave them shelter, Lebanon, Turkey or Jordan. So to the people who escaped Syria or Iraq, were granted international protection by Lebanon (Hungary gave this status to 1300 people on 2017), and Hungarian authorities picked 20 Syrian migrants from them to resettle to Hungary.

With the upcoming parliamentary elections, Magyar Nemzet pointed out that after the EU, the government tries to portray the UN too as an actor in the execution of George Soros’s “dangerous plan”.

“The support for migration is intensifying in the UN, a package is being prepared which chillingly reminds of George Soros’s plan”, the state secretary for government communication said. Bence Tuzson added that the UN is preparing a package which would strengthen migration in the world.

But – adds Magyar Nemzet – Bence Tuzson didn’t talk about the fact that according to the date disclosed on the website, the government is a perfect partner in the funding of “pro-migrant” programmes.

Magyar Nemzet wrote earlier that three application of the IOM – which belongs to UN – have won. In 2015-16 they received 70 million HUF from the¬†Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF), which is funded by EU and Hungarian sources. The biggest sum was 39 million HUF for an “Experimental project to support family reunifications taking place in Hungary”. The IOM could spend half of it, 20 million HUF for its project called “Migrants in the city: development of local integration services in Budapest”. The third application of the UN-organisation won 9 million HUF from the EU and the Orban government for its “Inclusive Budapest: Helping the equal opportunities of migrants” project.

The government and Fidesz is often attacking the Hungarian Helsinki Committee and lists it among the Soros-NGOs for providing free legal advice and representation to asylum seekers, Magyar Nemzet reminds. The newspaper adds that the government forgot to inform the public that the Justice Office also won 41 million HUF in 2016 from the AMIF funds for its programme called “Effective legal help for asylum seekers”. The Justice Office merged into the Ministry of Justice on 1 January 2017.

Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI

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