Hungarian intellectuals warn of another party state

Thirty years after the demolition of the party state we are witnessing the establishment of another party state – this is how 26 respected intellectuals explain in their letter to the opposition parties why an unparalleled coordination is needed in the elections.

Hungarian daily Magyar Nemzet reported about the initiative and the open letter on Tuesday. The intellectuals ask the parties to put competition in the electoral districts aside, and urge all their supporters to support the opposition candidate with the highest chance, because this can be an opportunity for the opposition – divided by Fidesz – to replace the government. They added that the Fidesz’s current success is the responsibility of the opposition too, and they can ask for the trust of the voters to repair the previous mistakes.

In their open letter they wrote that no opposition party alone can unseat the government:

“Harmonise your election strategies, because this is our only chance to restore the rule of law, to call the Fidesz kleptocracy fed up from public money to account, and to escape the marginalisation to which Viktor Orban’s irresponsible and cynical foreign policy pushed Hungary. This is the country’s shame that in 2018 this policy – thanks to the electoral system – can receive trust for the third time. This reflects negatively on the opposition too”.

The coordinated cooperation will definitely not happen. The strongest opposition party Jobbik has already made it clear several times that they’re running in the elections alone, and that Jobbik is the only real alternative, that can replace the government. A complete cooperation cannot be expected among the left-wing parties either.

Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI


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