Nat security cttee to re-convene over “Soros Plan”

The head of parliament’s national security committee on Monday called another meeting of the body for February 8 to clarify issues including the “Soros Plan”.

Last Thursday lawmakers of the allied ruling Fidesz and Christian Democrats left the meeting in protest against the presence of Bernadett Szel, the co-leader of green opposition LMP, a member of the committee. Fidesz insisted that Szel was not welcome at the meeting because she and her party “serve the interests” of US billionaire George Soros, whose alleged migrant plan and network “pose risks”.

Zsolt Molnar, the committee’s head for the opposition Socialists told reporters on Monday that Prime Minister Viktor Orban had again been invited to attend the meeting to provide evidence on the existence of the “Soros Plan” and clarify the issue of Hungary’s admission of 1,300 refugees last year.

Molnar said he had queried the interior minister about the refugee issue and expects a written response.

Source and photo: MTI

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