Hungarians deluded about Soros

Two-thirds of Hungarian voters think that George Soros’s Party (SGYP) is an actual, existing party which runs in the parliamentary elections in April, a recent poll conducted by the Policy Agenda institute for shows. Only every fourth voter knows that no such party exists.

Policy Agenda was analysing what would voters think about the winning potential of a fictive party. When asked “Do you think George Soros’s Party can win the parliamentary elections this spring?”, 64 percent said no and 2 percent said yes. “So two-thirds of Hungarian voters – thanks to the government propaganda – believes that the American billionaire is represented in the Hungarian parliamentary elections with his own party”, commented. Only 24 percent said that this party doesn’t take part in the elections, and 10 percent couldn’t answer.

Party preferences show that it was mostly the Fidesz voters who believed that Soros’s party runs in the elections: 81 percent were sure he can’t win and only 12 percent was aware of the truth. Among non-decided voters it’s 61 and 22 percent, among Jobbik voters 54 and 31 percent. Left-liberal voters were the most well-informed, but even among them, only 43 percent knew that this party doesn’t exist. Policy Agenda concluded that the government’s Soros-campaign has a “scary” effect.

Hungary Journal

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