Farage: The EU’s goal is assimilation


Former UKIP chairman Nigel Farage discussed migration, Brexit and George Soros in an interview with Hungarian daily newspaper Magyar Hirlap.

Farage said he finds the Brexit-negotiations “very slow”, adding that they “lack vision and courage, not to mention that the government is weak and the establishment wants to remain in the EU. He stressed that Prime Minister Theresa May doesn’t believe in what she’s doing. According to Farage, Britain will hopefully leave in March 2019, but it will be Brexit in name only, at best.

According to the British politician, the EU doesn’t care about the interests of the European people, companies or workers, they only care about “The Project – the new god we’re all supposed to praise”. “In their view, if Britain leaves on good terms, other members will want to follow”, he said, adding that “no deal is better than a bad deal”, because even if it would “make everyone’s life easier” to have a sensible trade deal, trading based on the rules of the WTO is still a good option.

Farage stressed that the Brexit referendum was not really about economic forecasts, but about being a self-governing nation. He said “Merkel, Juncker, Macron, Verhofstadt, they all say the same, they want to build the United States of Europe”. According to the politician, the goal of these politicians is not a federal Europe, but a unified, or even unitary Europe. He compared the EU to the Brezhnev Doctrine of limited sovereignty, adding that the EU today is just a slightly more right-wing version of communism. “You can argue it’s good, you can argue it’s bad, but don’t tell me that it’s not happening or that you can change it – because you can’t!”, he stressed. Farage stated that it’s not possible to be a self-governing, independent, democratic country and a member of this EU at the same time. He said it’s possible to resist, as to some extent Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is doing, but “they are bigger and stronger than you”.

According to Farage the current voting system of the EU is “a disaster for small countries”, because they can be completely dominated by “Germany, France and a couple of their friends”.

Regarding the German elections, he said Merkel and Schulz are in big trouble, because the AfD has completely changed the status quo, and traditional social-democratic parties are being wiped out all over Europe. He stressed that there is a growing opposition in Europe, and that the concept of the nation state was at the heart of Brexit and Trump’s victory. “The nation state works because it’s a unit we feel part of, a unit we are loyal to, a unit for which we are ready to fight”, he explained.

Farage said the EU pretends to be about cooperation, but its goal is assimilation.

Speaking of migration, he said the EU’s way of handling the crisis played a great part in Brexit. Farage said the migration policy of the Visegrad Group is without doubt closer to the will of the people in Europe, Germany, France.

Regarding his activities against George Soros, Farage said he’s worried about the US financier because he’s pouring so much money into his Open Society Foundations that no political pressure campaign group has ever had. “Soros wants to break the nation state, he wants to break the family unit, all norms we attribute to Western society”, he stressed. Farage warned that most people don’t know the extent of Soros’s organisation and the money behind it, but he is a real problem, not only for Hungary. “Soros is an enemy of the nation state and the Judeo-Christian culture”, he stressed.

Hungary Journal
Photo: European Parliament

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