Wilders: There are no Orbans in Western Europe

The Dutch Party for Freedom’s (PVV) chairman, Geert Wilders spends the weekend in Hungary, to present the Hungarian edition of his book, Marked for Death (Halállistán) in Budapest, Nyiregyhaza, Gyor and Sopron. In Budapest, he gave several interviews.

Talking to left-liberal channel ATV, Wilders said he considers Jewish and Christian culture superior to Islam, and he also raised the question while Gulf states are not accepting asylum seekers from the same region. He said there’s “an enormous chaos” in Europe now, – among others – Dutch PM Mark Rutte and German Chancellor Angela Merkel want open borders and to “let in everyone”, despite the fact that “European people don’t want this”. Wilders stressed that the majority of asylum seekers are economic immigrants, who should be sent home. “I think we should stop immigration from Islam countries”, he added. PVV’s chairman also said he wants the Netherlands to leave the EU.

“I hope Hungary’s immigration policy won’t change because it’s Europe’s interest too”, Wilders told pro-government daily Magyar Idok.

“We are fighting for the survival of our culture, while there are cultural relativists in power. We’d need politicians who are not scared from the task ahead of them. There are no Viktor Orbans in Western Europe”,

he said. Regarding the upcoming Hungarian elections, he said “it’s an open secret that the Brussels elite would love to see a change of government here. You can imagine what I think about that”.

Speaking to pro-government news site Pesti Sracok, Wilders said he’s rooting for Viktor Orban, because “he’s resisting Brussels”. “Other Visegrad countries are doing this too, for different reasons. The Poles and the Czechs have also stood up to Brussels. Orban also stands up and he shows that he leads his own country, and I like this very much, I hope we had a leader who had at least 10 percent of Orban’s courage”, he said. Wilders added that it’s up to the Hungarians to decide who they vote for, but the result of the elections will be important for the rest of Europe too.

In a lengthy interview with pro-government news site 888, Wilders spoke about his opinion about Islam, Israel, no-go zones and lack of freedom of speech in Western Europe. He praised Viktor Orban’s migration policy and said Europe would need more politicians like him.

Hungary Journal

9 thoughts on “Wilders: There are no Orbans in Western Europe

  1. Wilders says: “I think we should stop immigration from Islam countries”. Why not from other countries? Russia? America? Israeel?
    Wilders has just an islamofobic decease. Getting money from israel, america, australia, polen and other countries. He has an integrety problem.
    Once he made a website polenmeldpunt.nl (polisch people came to holland and took lots of jobs from dutch people) now he is not interested anymore, because his vriends live in polen and send him probably some money.


    1. Pim, you should really stay out of political discourse. Wilders specifically opposes Muslim immigration because the Europeans are tired and fed up with their lawless behaviour, their arrogant refusal to integrate and their total disrespect for European culture or values. You have to be either a raging Marxist Socialist or lived your life with your head in the ground not to have noticed. And, by the way, islamophobia is not a disease, it is plain common sense.


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