Vona: Jobbik has only realistic plan for change of government

The leader of the strongest opposition Jobbik party, Gabor Vona has said his party has the only realistic scenario for how to unseat the Fidesz government.

According to Gabor Vona people are living in the country of fear, because after the catastrophic eight years of the Socialists came the eight terrible years of Fidesz.

He said everybody is afraid in Hungary, but Jobbik wants to end this “atmosphere of fear”. Vona stressed it’s not the people who have to be afraid, but those who have been stealing everything in the country. “It’s time to decide, it’s time to replace the government”, he added. Vona accused the left-wing opposition parties of only wanting to “replace each other”, not the government, adding that only Jobbik has a vision for a real change.

“Half-hearted, half-witted, and those who are on Fidesz’s payroll, won’t be able to replace the government”,

he stated.

Speaking at a party event in Budapest on Saturday, the party’s leader and candidate for prime minister insisted Jobbik also had a vision and a plan of what would happen in the event of an election win.

Vona outlined seven areas in which Jobbik would make its mark: enhancing security and democracy, abolishing corruption, boosting competitiveness, stopping immigration, burnishing national prestige and building social unity.

“Corruption is not a wilding, but Viktor Orban’s flower”, Vona said, adding that Orban is a communist when he wants to take away private property, and capitalist, when he wants state property.

Referring to his discussions with diplomats, he said: Orban is considered a dictatorial and unreliable man by Western diplomats.

“He’s only considered reliable in the East: he only has to be bribed and he can be entrusted with anything”, Vona said. Jobbik’s leader promised reasonable diplomacy: participation in the debates about the EU’s future and strategic cooperation with the V4 countries.

Vona said Orban discredited the words “citizen” and “nation”, but they will give back the real meaning of these words, and he promised a new reconciliation.

In his hour-long speech, Vona said the government promised that Hungary would be free of migrants, yet it turned out that 2,300 migrants settled in the country and the government’s explanation for why had been twisted by lies.

He pledged to abide by international conventions while “quietly, without publicity, firmly defending Hungary against migration, terrorism and quotas.” He said the border fence was here to stay and other sections of the border would also get a fence protected by an independent border guard.

Source: MTI/Hungary Journal

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