Karacsony wants to reform Hungarian society

The prime minister candidate of the opposition Socialist and Parbeszed parties, Gergely Karacsony, has said he wants to steer Hungary away from “the politics of hatred and division” towards a western, just and knowledge-based society.

Speaking on the fifth anniversary of the party which he co-leads, Karacsony said he would distance Hungary from the “Fidesz nightmare” and build the country’s future on the basis of cooperation.

Referring to the Socialist Party’s decision to cooperate with Parbeszed in the election campaign, the current mayor of the Zuglo district of Budapest said the Socialists had taken a “massive step” by accepting the smaller party into its fold rather than making the decision “a matter of prestige”.

Karacsony, for his part, will have his name on the Socialist Party’s national list in return for running as their PM candidate.

He said a party of the left-wing social democrats and a left-wing green party were not under any illusions that they are capable of representing a unified nation. But they believe in cooperation, and this is something they wish to further broaden: their doors were open to anyone who wants change, he added.

The Parbeszed co-leader said the opposition alliance did not intend to revive the state of affairs preceding the 2010 election but wanted instead to introduce a new social democratic model to Hungary.

Karacsony also commented that leader of the Democratic Coalition, former prime minister Ferenc Gyurcsany, may get a top spot on a left-wing joint national list.

Source and photo: MTI

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