Gyurcsany calls Fidesz govt “immoral mafia”

Ferenc Gyurcsany, the leader of the leftist Democratic Coalition (DK), on Saturday called the government an “immoral mafia” which has “ruined the reputation of the country and shattered its dreams”.

In his so-called state-of-the-nation speech, which he held for the 14th time, Gyurcsany insisted that “an honest opposition party would not make a deal with [Viktor] Orban” or the prime minister’s ruling Fidesz party. Gyurcsany said his party had never made any dishonest compromises with “Orban’s vile regime”, while the LMP party had “pretended” for years that “there is a position between democracy and dictatorship” and at times “gave a helping hand to Fidesz when needed”. He also criticised the Socialist Party for “receiving financing” for its media from Fidesz.

Gyurcsany insisted that the government

“is at war with Paris, Brussels, Rome, while they are delivering the country on plate to Putin’s Russia and siding with Turkey and Azerbaijan”.

Gyurcsany lambasted the government for “talking more about George Soros” than about poverty, and though he said he would not “champion” the US billionaire, he added that

“what we are facing is goddamn manipulation and terrible lies”.

He also said the government had “secretly accommodated thousands of migrants” and insisted that

“those people did not snatch the jobs of locals; they did not increase crime or worsen public security; neither have they converted the country to Islam.”

“Still, the people in government are reluctant to admit they have lied day and night,”

he added.

Gyurcsany criticised the relationship between the government and religious organisations, saying that “people who exploit the power of faith to the benefit of political parties cheat God rather than serve Him”. If DK wins power in the April 8 election, it would reduce financing for church-run schools, which he insisted was currently three times as high as other school funding. Gyurcsany added that tax benefits for the “political churches” would be scrapped.

Source and photo: MTI

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