Fidesz: Soros spends ‘billions of dollars’ to influence election

US billionaire investor George Soros has been spending “billions of dollars” in an effort to influence Hungary’s upcoming parliamentary election, Balazs Hidveghi, the communications chief of ruling Fidesz told a press conference on Saturday.

According to the “latest reports”, Soros last year tripled its funding for lobbying activities against the Hungarian government in the US, spending a total 16 million dollars, Hidveghi said, adding there were a host of documents showing that Soros was attempting to “undermine” the Hungarian government “at all levels of US politics” through “the Democrat senators he finances”.

Soros has “mobilised billions of dollars from Washington through Brussels to Budapest to put pressure on Hungary and influence the outcome of the Hungarian election” on April 8.

Hidveghi insisted that the Open Society Policy Center, associated with Soros, “has a hand” in moves against Hungary, and last year their lobbyists managed to get an “anti-Hungary” report adopted by the European Parliament, while another report is “in the making” to be adopted by the EP’s Civil Liberties, Justice, and Home Affairs committee.

Source: MTI

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