“Warsaw is depending on Budapest”

Michal Kokot, the Polish Gazeta Wyborcza’s head of foreign desk heavily criticised Hungarian and Polish politics in an interview with Hungarian news site Zoom.
According to Kokot, Hungarian media is dominated by oligarchs and flooded with propaganda. He added that the latter is also present in Poland, but so far the Polish media’s diversity is not in danger.

Kokot said the Hungarian government is also building an “illiberal democracy”, but their task is harder, because unlike Fidesz in Hungary, PiS has no two-third majority in the parliament, and they don’t have EU allies either, except for Hungary.

He stressed that Polish people and Polish governments approach Hungary based on sentimental reasons, not rationally, so they forgive Orban anything, “even Putin”. “As long as in his actions he stands by Poland”, he stressed.

Kokot said it’s a fairy tale that the Visegrad Group can be a new political-economic pole in the EU, because all these countries are strongly connected to Germany, while they don’t have more in common than their migration policy. He added that the Polish and the Hungarian government use migrants for inciting fear, and they can live from that for quite a while.

Hungary Journal

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