Soros: Orban started really going wrong when he made his father rich

Financial Times published a lengthy portait of Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

US financier George Soros also contributed to the article, he said “Orban started really going wrong when he made his father rich by giving him a quasi-monopoly on road-building materials, which was a big source of wealth. That’s when [Orban] started building a mafia state. It’s really when he actually gained power.”

Soros said he took the term “mafia state” from former liberal education minister Balint Magyar, who wrote several books about it.

Laszlo Keri, a political-science professor who was one of Orban’s teachers at Bibo College told FT that Orban was really talented, had a strong influence over others and was “enormously aggressive” in putting over his views.

Fidesz MEP Gyorgy Schopflin said that neither the anti-Soros campaign nor the government is anti-Semitic. He called Soros an “NGO warlord”, who has made himself a legitimate target by turning himself into a political actor who has used his organisations to try to “destabilise the government”.

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Peter Szijjarto said that without Fidesz’s victory in 2010 “Hungary would have been on the path of Greece”, adding that Orban’s “achievement is something that will be written about in the history books”.

Financial Times wrote that Orban declined several requests for interviews.

Hungary Journal

Photo: MTI


5 thoughts on “Soros: Orban started really going wrong when he made his father rich

  1. Orban is Hungary’s Trump! Let us all remain strong and dedicated to the sovereignty of the state, and the sanctity of our faiths and traditions in the face of the Globalist scourge that seeks to destroy and dominate all of the worlds societies.

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  2. I have heard stories about Soros in Budapest in seventh district.What do expect from a THIEF.In the forties he took money ,jewels from poor jews,promising to give them back after the war.In 48 he left for England,never gave back a penny. Soros should go to jail.People hate him USA,Europe,can’t go to Israel.


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