Thierry Baudet: Orban is a hero

Well-known Dutch pundit, politician and writer Thierry Baudet discussed, among other topics, his homeland’s politics, Europe’s future and migration policy with Hungarian news site 888.

Regarding the migration crisis, Baudet said

“Viktor Orban is a hero, someone whom the whole Western world should be praising. He’s one of the very few leaders, who really want to stop mass immigration, coming from Africa and the Middle East. And this is what we should do, we should stop it. We have to stop them at the borders, and in case they already crossed them, we should deport them back to Africa or wherever they come from”.

He said that majority of Dutch people agree with him and with Orban on this topic, because the majority of them realised that mass immigration is something they can’t handle, it can destroy their society and civilisation. “The numbers are simply too high, the scope of the demographic boom in Africa implies the migration wave won’t end”, he stressed.

Baudet said that according to economic forecasts, African countries with demographic boom won’t be able to provide enough food, work and education for their citizens. “So these people want to come to Europe, but we have to say no, we have to stop them”, he said, adding that the majority of Dutch people say the same, but there’s huge pressure from the “mainstream media and the institutions of the establishment”.

Hungary Journal
Photo: ANP

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