Szijjarto: Paks expansion begins as scheduled

The construction of two new blocks at Hungary’s Paks nuclear plant will begin in February according to schedule, despite Austria’s recent objection to the plant’s expansion, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto has said.

The project in its entirety, together with the requisite investments, will go ahead according to the set deadlines, Szijjarto told Russian news agency TASS on the sidelines of an international conference in Tromso, in Norway.

“Everything is still on track, the investment is still on track, according to the schedule. As you know, the government of Austria made an appeal because of the decision of the European commission on the investment, but it has no impact on the schedule. Everything is according to the plans,”

he said.

The Austrian government announced on Monday that it is lodging its objection to the project at the top EU court. Austria’s environment ministry said it would ask the European Court of Justice to annul the European Commission’s resolution approving the nuclear power plant’s expansion. Austria will question whether the commission’s decision serves the bloc’s interests.

In the TASS interview released on Wednesday, Szijjarto said Austria’s appeal to the EU court will not have any bearing on the upgrade, which will be proceeding as scheduled.
Hungary signed an agreement in January 2014 on the construction of two blocks at the Paks nuclear power plant by Russia’s Rosatom. Russia is lending Hungary 10 billion euros to cover 80 percent of the project’s costs.

Source: MTI


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